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Mar 17, 2015, 08:07 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Aizoban is a free open source online/offline comic book reader that allows access to more than 45,000 Manga comics from across the world

Now, download, read and preserve some of the most popular and upcoming comic titles from across the world, on your phone. Aizoban is a new online and offline comic book reader for Android that offers free access to more than 45,000 comic books developed by Manga comic artistes from across the world.


Created by independent developer Jacob Park, Aizoban is a Free Open Source Software (FOSS) that offers the best of Manga comics available to comic book lovers across the world. And keeping up with the promise, the app offers not only popular titles like Bleach and Naruto but also a vast collection of indpendent works — right from Manga heartland Japan to South America.

The app sports a hip look, and is easy to browse through pages. Once you finish a chapter, it takes you to the next one automatically, without requiring you to go back. The comic book pages are optimised to ensure that dialogues are readable even on a 4.5-inch device, and saved for later reading. It also highlights the already-read chapters and the last page where you stopped reading, helping you get back to the story. But what really wins our vote is its ability to download comic books directly on your phone, and read them later.

Aizoban offers more than 45,000 Manga comic titles
Aizoban offers more than 45,000 Manga comic titles

Unfortunately, the app is not available on Google Play Store. However, since it's a Free Open Source Software (FOSS), it can be downloaded from F-Droid, an online repository of all FOSS apps, managed by the English non-profit F-Droid Limited, which unlike Google’s Play Store doesn’t require any registration to download apps. All apps on F-Droid are required to state the permissions they require to operate on your phone, but most importantly it prohibits installation of apps that may track you by default (however, it can be disabled in settings).

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How to install

Download the F-droid app from, save it on your phone's SD Card and then install from the in-built file explorer. Once the installation is finished, run the app from your app drawer. At first, it will download the list of all apps on the store. Once that’s complete, search for Aizoban on F-Droid. Now, download the app and run to browse Manga Comics. Read the permissions carefully before installing the app.

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