Now, Sena protests against Pak expo

Sep 01, 2012, 02:42 IST | Varun Singh

Close on the heels of Raj Thackeray's scathing comments on Asha Bhosale for judging a show featuring Pakistani artistes, a group of Shiv Sena activists staged a protest outside the World Trade Centre yesterday

If the MNS takes up the agenda against Pakistani actors, can Shiv Sena be far behind? Some Sena workers gathered outside an exhibition of Pakistani goods at World Trade centre last afternoon to launch their own protest.

Looks good: Cops on duty couldn’t resist the temptation of a little window shopping at the exhibition of Pakistani goods yesterday; Sena’s protests and heavy police presence didn’t deter shoppers from paying a visit 

The protestors were barred from entering the exhibition at the gates. A police officer from Cuffe Parade police station said, “We arrested the protestors and they were later brought to the police station and released.” 

The exhibition ‘Made in Pakistan Expo 2012 showcases the best of fashion and lifestyle in Pakistan and will be open till September 5.

Advertisements for the same have been doing the rounds for a while now, attracting not a word of protest from either MNS or Shiv Sena.

The protest comes close on the heels of the MNS chief Raj Thackeray’s blistering attack on legendary singer Asha Bhosale after she accepted a proposal to judge a show that will feature Pakistani singers. Thackeray claimed that Bhosale had been wooed by the money she was offered, and not by any cultural impetus.

Amir Shahzad, one of the exhibitors from Karachi, said, “All’s well till now — we have been exhibiting at various places of India, but this is our first time in Mumbai. Such exhibitions should be allowed, because only then will the relationship between the two countries improve.”

MNS’ protest against Bhosale’s participation in the show is surprising, as another channel has been airing a show Pakistani actors for the past few months, without attracting so much as a murmur of protest from the saffron party.

Chunkey Pandey, a judge for a comedy show that features Pakistani actors, said that he chose not to distinguish between nationalities while judging participants on the show. “For us all are actors; I came to know about the issue via some newspapers today. Our show has been going on for some time now and art has no boundaries. However, we haven’t been told anything from the channel or anyone else. I will have to look into the matter further to get more information,” he said. 

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