Now, soldiers strip on Facebook in support of Prince Harry

Aug 28, 2012, 18:49 IST | PTI

Thousands of soldiers and fans of the British armed forces joined a Facebook group and posted nude pictures of themselves in support of Prince Harry after his naked Las Vegas photo furore.

Soldiers and fans took to the internet to strip off in support of Harry, who has been in hot water after pictures emerged of him in the nude during his infamous Las Vegas holiday, the 'Daily Mail' reported. 

Prince Harry
Prince Harry. File Pic

Almost 12,000 people have joined the Facebook group 'Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!'

Soldiers serving in Afghanistan also posed in front of tanks to exhibit solidarity with Harry. Prince Harry landed in hot water when naked pictures emerged of him on American showbiz site TMZ and swiftly spread across the world. He had been playing strip billiards in his exclusive suite at the MGM Hotel with a group of people. In one picture he was seen to be completely naked while bear hugging a nude blonde girl. In another he was seen standing in front of a naked girl, using his hands to cover himself.

Questions have been asked about the prince's behaviour, as the world media pointed its spotlight on Britain's third in line to the throne.

Harry, an army officer and a trained Apache helicopter pilot, served in Afghanistan for ten weeks himself but was pulled out in February 2008 after the media blackout.

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