Now use e-mojni to get your land meal

Aug 27, 2013, 00:42 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Gone are the days of waiting in serpentine queues; Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Records is banking on computerisation of applications for land measurement and payment of challans to help speed up process

In a bid to cut down long queues at the land record office in the district, the Settlement Commissioner and Director of Land Records has decided to computerise all the land measurement cases. The department is coming up with e-mojni (measurement), an online application facility under which the landowner can now request a measurement of his land with the click of a button.

Expanding on this new facility, Settlement Commissioner Chandrakant Dalvi said that along with the online application facility, the landowner would also be able to submit the fees of land survey through e-payment. 

“The new facility would be made available to the district in the next two months under which one can apply for getting his land measured through an online application process. Once the landowner fills the online form, the land record office would give the owner a fixed date on which his measurement of land would be scheduled. Fees related to measurement would be calculated and displayed on the platform so that the landowner would be able to pay the fees through e-payment,” Dalvi said.

Currently, landowners visit the land records office and fill up an application form, which then generates the necessary challans, receipts, the name of surveyors who would conduct the measurement along with their contact details. Likewise, landowners are expected to visit the office for payments of fees. Dalvi also informed that the much-awaited e-chavdi project would be completed by this year in November, which would facilitate computerization of all land related records. 

“The e-chavdi software are already delivering the 7/12 extracts, however once the project is completed the other land and revenue related documents like legal heir registration and various land related registrations can be done online,” added Dalvi. Talathis, who are government functionaries in villages, maintain records and the e-chavdi software would help them update revenue and land-related transactions faster.

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