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Oct 08, 2014, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

The wonders of airbrushing are modern technology’s great gift to editors of glossy magazines

Malavika SangghviThe wonders of airbrushing are modern technology's great gift to editors of glossy magazines. Don't like a model's crowfeet or saggy chin? Want to add some more oomph to her cleavage? Lengthen a leg or two? Simple: photoshop and airbrush. But who would imagine that this art would be employed to airbrushing an entire building out off a frame?

Take a look at this magisterial representation of Gauri Khan, posing in front of Mannat on the cover of Architectural Digest.

Now take a look at the picture taken by our own photographer. Notice any difference, besides, of course, the statuesque Ms Khan?

Parts of the Annexe building can be seen behind Mannat, but it disappears on the cover of Architectural Digest (left)
Parts of the Annexe building can be seen behind Mannat, but it disappears on the cover of Architectural Digest (left)

Yes, the building behind Mannat known as Mannat Annexe has been conveniently airbrushed out of the frame!

An entire high-rise structure made to disappear with the click of a mouse because it didn't fit in with the grandeur of the place!

Ingenious Na?

Antiquated laws
One of the many points in Narendra Modi's US address which resonated with Indians across the globe was how he would put an end to India's plethora of antiquated laws. Which Indian has not torn his hair out because of them? But this latest instance of needless trauma that a recalcitrant law created is tragic. Even as the city reeled from the news of the untimely demise in Maldives of the much-loved Rajesh Sanghi, talented cricketer, and scion of a leading business family, in their hour of anguish his loved ones were put to further stress, when the private plane in which his family accompanied by Deepak Parekh was not allowed to take off.

Deepak Parekh
Deepak Parekh

“Apparently there is a law that says a body can not be carried in a private plane,” said a source, “and so, to add to the trauma, it had to be brought back on a commercial flight via Trivandrum.”

One more issue to be looked into for sure!

World-class hospital
It has been a long-standing tradition in Mumbai that its leading business families endow hospitals. The Chanrais with the Jaslok, the Wadias with the Wadia Hospitals, the Mehtas with the Lilavati, etc.

Mukesh and Nita Ambani. Pic/AFP
Mukesh and Nita Ambani. Pic/AFP

And following that tradition are the Ambanis and their Reliance Foundation behind the Harkisandas Hospital in Girgaon who, true to their style, are leaving no stone unturned to make the it one of the city's foremost.

“Recently, invitations have been sent to select women's forums in the city for visiting tours. Prominent groups like the IMC ladies wing and YPO have been invited so that they can assess for themselves the facilities offered,” says a source.

And the verdict? “Superb. World-class,” she says.

Want to get the word across? Telecom, Telephone or tell a woman.

Leave them kids alone!
Contrary to what people may think, we do have a set of do's and don'ts for what constitutes news to be reported on these pages. And whereas the pompous, pretentious, hypocritical, mean and wilfully deviant are fair game, we don't comment on people's sexual preferences unless they request us to. We have no moral judgment on substance abuse, unless it involves the peddling of drugs to the under aged and we don't write on marital discord if it will further add fuel to the fire and so on and so forth.

Prime amongst these rules, is that we believe that the kids of famous people have enough of a cross to bear, without being hounded by the media.

So when a story about the alleged progeny of two famous stars that went viral was brought to our attention, we were truly dismayed. Not only has the story not been authenticated or verified at all - we believe that the young have a right to lead their lives the way they want, in privacy.

Or as Pink Floyd would have said: leave them kids alone!

Last Call to Lalit Modi
You got to hand it to him for epitomising the never-say-die spirit. To live without a passport in London, accused of all kinds of financial scams, and even fearing for your life, and then to emerge victorious, with your head held high, is a rare art, which Lalit Modi seems to have perfected.

Lalit Modi

So it comes as no surprise that he is said to have formed a consultancy firm called 'Last Call', which offers expertise to those who might experience similar hardships. “After all, the knowledge he's acquired and the contacts he's made with top international lawyers, security agencies and authorities is unbeatable,” says a source.

Sounds good, but at the rumoured $2.5 million per contract, only heads of State, top bizmen and the likes will be able to afford the services of 'Last Call'.

The types who'd need them in the first place!

Life's little surprises
Often life doesn't pan out the way it is planned and it's a well-known occurrence in Bollywood. One such example is that of Shraddha Kapoor, the beautiful daughter of yesteryear villain Shakti Kapoor.

Shraddha didn't plan on becoming a Bollywood star; on the contrary, she had even made plans to pursue further studies in Boston. It is only when producer, Ambika Hinduja discovered her on Facebook and convinced her to star alongside Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley in Teen Patti that her career path changed.

Though the movie didn't fare well at the box office, Shraddha was noticed.

But her big break came when she made the brave move of forgoing her Yashraj Films' three-movie contract to act in the hit film Aashiqui 2.

She followed that up with another 100-crore movie, Ek Villain and now finally the critically acclaimed Haider, where her luminous underplayed performance has been a winner.

And with her next film, opposite Varun Dhawan in Remo D'souza's ABCD 2, the axiom of life panning out strangely has never been truer.

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