"Nowadays, everyone wants to give back to the society"

Mar 11, 2013, 00:52 IST | Deeksha Pagar

Can you elaborate on your journey in advertising.

1. Can you elaborate on your journey in advertising.
First of all, I’ll talk about Pune. Pune advertising doesn’t have any recognition. In fact, not many people in Pune are aware of this industry. I would like to help and guide anybody who is interested in advertising. In my twenty-two years journey, I have come to see that advertising has changed a lot. To get a break in Mumbai is the most difficult part. Now, because of the advancements, it has become more complex for people to come up with ideas. The path to it is creativity. How you can take a product and make it more accessible and give it a unique selling point.

Sachin Ambeka Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett,  Sri Lanka

2. How can advertising help if you wish to do social work?
Nowadays, everyone wants to give something back to the society. Our clients are not only interested in making money but also in helping out people. The tricky part for a creative director is to sell the product and also give it a social boost. When I worked for Aqua in Indonesia, for every sale of 1 gallon of water, a certain amount of money went in providing water to a village. In Sri Lanka, our client was the newspaper Mawbima. The Sri Lankans had not had a flag in their hands for 30 years after the civil war. So we thought of a fun and creative way to incorporate the flag in the newspaper. The newspaper could transform into a flag and that day, everyone had a flag in their hands.

3. You have won over 75 international and regional awards, can you tell us how difficult is it to get global recognition?
Going international means being creative and presenting a different and unique idea. I have won several Cannes awards and for many countries it was their first international award. It is my passion to go to different places and help the agency to grow. Nurture the teams and help them achieve the international standard by setting up an example. I have also introduced new teams to the international award festivals. I am willing to do this with more countries in the future.

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