NRIs curious to know city's development plan

Apr 30, 2013, 01:18 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

The Development Plan link that the civic body had posted on its website a month ago has received about 1.32 lakh hits from across the globe, including India

The inquisitiveness about how the city will shape up in the coming years has crossed national boundaries. This can be substantiated with the fact that people from 28 countries have downloaded the city’s Development Plan (DP).

Instant hit: According to experts, most of the hits are from Unique Visitors who visit the PMC website several times. Representation pic

It is been a month that the civic body has made the DP available for the general public on its website. Till now, the link of the DP has received about 1.32 lakh hits. The USA tops the list with 281 hits, followed by UK with 184.

Besides, the site has got hits from nations like Hong Kong (51), Singapore (43), Germany (24), Denmark (26), Spain (24), Qatar (14), Canada (14), Japan (12), UAE (12), Australia (10) and Saudi Arabia. From the rest of India, the link has got 21,808 hits, while rest of the hits are from Pune.

A senior IT official of the PMC said, “These are Unique Visitors who visit the several times, but their visit to the page is counted as a single hit.” Besides, civic activist Vijay Kumbhar said, “People are curious to know about the DP, as it is an overall plan of the city for next 20 years.

There may be several NRI who would be interested in investing in the real estate, and hence are studying the plan.”  The state government has extended the last day for filing suggestions and objections to the revised draft of the DP for the old city by 60 days.

The two-month extension, started from April 26, will now allow people to make an in-depth study of the entire plan and substantiate their objections with relevant data, maps and spot studies. 

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