Nuts about granola

Mar 29, 2015, 06:00 IST | Phorum Dalal

The Nuttyway offers bars and jars of rolled oats, nuts, cereals, seeds and dried fruits as a great breakfast item or snack

Her love for granola bars led fashion designer Minali Gaba into the kitchen to bake preservative-free granolas, which she could relish as a healthy snack or breakfast item.

The Nuttyway
Berry Blast granola mix

Granola, which first became popular in the US, consists of rolled oats, nuts, honey, cereals, seeds and dried fruits. However, not all granola  products are healthy - packaged granola products have received much flak for its unhealthy ingredients, high sugar content and preservatives. So in a bid to offer the city a healthier option to mass produced granola products, Gaba launched The Nuttyway last week. We dig into the sample hamper and find them crackling fresh, filling and fun to eat:
Bars (Rs 75 each)

Chocolate: The cacao powder lends the crunchy bar of granola rolled oats, cereal grain, coconut, hazelnuts, pecans and seeds the fragrance of pure chocolate and a bittersweet flavour. Switch this for a sinful bar of chocolate every time you crave something sweet and you won’t feel the need to ‘sin’ again.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: While one of our tasters find the chocolate bar overpoweringly sweet, the flavour is one that strikes the right balance between sweet and savoury. If you have an acquired taste for peanut butter, the salty almonds and choco chips are a chewy and chunky.This roasted combination doesn’t disappoint.  

Blueberry: We pick this one as our favourite as it retains the typical, plain taste of the granola, while the sweet blueberries and pistachio add a citric punch. A satiating snack, every bite leaves an aftertaste of cinnamon that makes us want to take one more bite.  Jars (Rs 210 each)

Berry Blast: The dry granola in the 125-gm jars remind us of chana chor garam, the ultimate Indian snack of flattened black gram, usually high on salt and spice. The pickled and dried cranberry pieces add a tangy zing to the otherwise nutty roasted granola. This one is laden with rice puffs and pine nuts, which you can happily chomp on.

Choc-O-Roco: This one’s a rocky ride, with its chunky pieces of almonds, hazelnuts and chocolate chips. A deconstruction of the chocolate bar, we enjoy this more for its interesting texture and well-roasted flattened seeds.

Nutty affair: We go nuts over the mix of rolled oats, oat bran, cereal grains, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, flax seeds and ground spices, mainly for its classic, granola flavour. Three to four mouthfuls of these granola bars and jars leave us satisfied and satiated and we are convinced it would make for a great 4 pm snack. Pair these with a glass of milk or yoghurt, and one can keep hunger pangs at bay till lunch time. While these are high in protein, one must, however, check their overall intake before including them into a daily diet.

Call: 9833925876 or Email: They are also available at Bombay Salad Co in Bandra and The Consumer Store at NSCI, Worli

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