Obama: Brit PM sneaked off to go sightseeing at Nato summit

May 23, 2012, 06:19 IST | Agencies

US President Barack Obama joked that David Cameron took some time off and walked around central Chicago

British PM David Cameron was yesterday accused of ‘sneaking off’ from the NATO summit to go sightseeing in Chicago. US President Barack Obama told reporters that Cameron slunk away from the talks to enjoy a relaxing stroll around the city.

Barack Obama and David Cameron have spoken about their special relationship but the American president dropped a bomb on the PM after telling journalists that Cameron had sneaked off to tour Chicago

Obama seemed proud that the prime minister wanted to take a closer look at his home city. Aides said Cameron left the summit when it ended and had around two hours before his commercial flight back to London.

He spent some of the time walking around central Chicago before visiting the British consulate in the city, Obama’s home town. But the intervention may be less than helpful for Cameron, who has been forced to defend himself against claims that he is too fond of ‘chillaxing’ when he should be getting on with the business of government.

A recent biography has described Cameron as spending much of his time as prime minister “chillaxing” and playing computer games. Cameron this week dismissed the book as “a novel” and insisted he is extremely dedicated to his work.

David Cameron and his wife Samantha enjoying a holiday in Ibiza, last year

On a two day trip to Australia last year, Cameron left a Commonwealth summit early to visit a winery. Obama made the joke while talking to reporters after the summit, which he said had shown off Chicago on the world stage.

“I encouraged everybody to shop, want to boost the hometown economy,” Obama said of his fellow NATO leaders. “If you talk to leaders from around the world, they love the city,” Obama said. “I was just talking to David Cameron — I think he’s sneaking off doing a little sightseeing before he goes home.”

Speaking at a Nato summit in Chicago on Sunday, Cameron dismissed reports that he spends too much time “chillaxing” or playing computer games. “The job of Prime Minister is extremely demanding, and takes huge dedication and work”, he said.

Cameron, the vacationer
In 2011, David Cameron enjoyed five holidays. David treated his wife to a weekend in Granada for her 40th birthday, and the whole family enjoyed short trips to Polzeath in Cornwall and the Spanish holiday island Ibiza. 

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