Obama campaign: It is going to be a close race

Sep 10, 2012, 10:42 IST | Agencies

Officials said that though President Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention received a positive response, the presidential race will be a close one.

President Barack Obama's speech at Democratic National Convention was well received by Americans, a top Obama advisor has said, but acknowledged that the November presidential election is going to be very close.

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton
Former US President Bill Clinton with current President Barack Obama. Photo: AFP

"I think the President's speech was extremely well- received by American people. We're not as interested so much in what the pundit gallery has to say... Some pundits have said good things about the president's speech," David Plouffe, senior advisor to Obama said in an interview.

"We thought the President's speech met the American people exactly where they're living. You know, tell us where we are and how do we move forward with a middle class economic strategy that's really going to grow the economy and enhance middle class security," he said.

But, he said that the Democratic convention is unlikely to see any major bounce for Obama.

"This is a close race... so you're not going to see - well, you're not going to see huge swings. I think we definitely are going to help ourselves in terms of turnout. I think Obama supporters are very energised. I think independent voters, what they saw from the President, from President Clinton, and other speakers was a plan to move forward," Plouffe said.  

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