Obamas give tips on dating and love

Jun 27, 2012, 07:49 IST | Agencies

Reliving their first date, US President reveals how he swept Michelle off her feet with lunch at an art museum followed by a walk and then a film

US President Barack Obama has revealed how he swept his wife Michelle off her feet on their first date with lunch at an art museum followed by a leisurely walk and then a Spike Lee film. The President and First Lady disclosed the details of their first date, which took place in 1989, in a video released on his website to promote a competition to win dinner with the couple.

Keeping the romance alive: Michelle Obama says that holding hands and being close helps a marriage to work. File Pic/Getty Images

They explain how they spent a day together, beginning at the Art Institute of Chicago, where they had lunch before taking a stroll down Michigan Avenue. They then went to see Do the Right Thing, a Spike Lee film. “It was a cool date,” Michelle Obama says in the video. “We spent the whole day together, he was showing me all facets of his character.”

A smiling Barack Obama then interjects, points into the camera and says: “Art. Guys out there, it impresses people.” Michelle Obama continues: “He showed his cultural side and then we took a nice long walk down Michigan Avenue.” Obama chips in with, “Kind of romantic.”

Michelle struggles to recall whether they went for dinner before or after the museum, before her husband says, “We didn’t have dinner, we actually had lunch, at the art institute. There’s a little courtyard with a little fountain. Yeah … it was very nice.” Michelle added: “He showed all the sides. He was hip, cutting-edge, cultural, sensitive. The fountain — nice touch. The walk — patient.”

Looking pleased with himself, Barack says to the camera: “Take tips, gentlemen.” They have spoken before about the importance of married couples making time for each other. Michelle said keeping romance alive in a relationship was also good for the children. “My eldest daughter says, ‘It makes me feel good to see you and dad hold hands’… they like the fact that they know we love each other. That gives them security,” Michelle added. 

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