Of incomplete things and limitless possibilities

Apr 26, 2014, 06:50 IST | Ayushmann Khurrana

Yaahan koi mitr nahi hai, koi ashcharya chakit nahi hai

Ayushmann KhurranaYaahan koi mitr nahi hai, koi ashcharya chakit nahi hai

Sab ardhnirmit hai

Ardhnirmit aadatien hain, ardhnirmit bachchon ki shararatien hain

Ardhnirmit zindagi ki shartien hain

Ardhnirmit jeevan paaney ke liye log roz yahaan martey hain

Ardhnirmit hai yahaan ke premiyon ka pyaar

Ardhnirmit hai manushye ke jeevan ka adhaar

Aaj ka din ardhnirmit hai

Na dhoop hai, na chaaon hai

Manzil ki dagar se vipreet chaltey paaon hain

Ardhnirmit si sehat hai

Na kabhi dekha nirgo kaya ko, na kabhi dil se alvida maya ko

Humari ardhnirmit si kahaani hai, ardhnirmit humare yuvaaon ki jawaani hai

Hum roz ek ardhnirmit shayya pe letey huye ek ardhnirmit sa sapna dekhtey hain

Us sapne main hum ardhnirmit akaanshaon ko aasmaano main fenkhtey hain

Aasman ko bhi in akaanshaaon ko samentkar ardhnirmit hone ka ehsaas hota hoga

Kyunki yeh akaanshayein humari nahi aasmaan ki hain

Bilkul waise hi jaise yeh ardhnirmit gaatha tumhari hai aur ayushman ki hai

English translation: The world that we live in is fragmentary. There is nothing that is wholesome, nothing that is complete nor is there permanent happiness or perennial sadness. It’s a transitory life with unaccomplished missions and unconsummated relationships. Our dreams are half-baked and so are the endeavours to fulfill them. Neither have I ever seen anyone with perfect health or with perfect values, neither is he a perfect sage or a perfect devil. This incoherent meaning of life holds true to its value — it does so for me just as it does for you.

Ayushmann Khurrana is an actor, writer, singer and anchor. While he is known for his acting and singing abilities, not many know that he loves penning poems in his free time.

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