Of Indian heritage and French vision

Apr 09, 2014, 10:45 IST | Ruchika Kher

Three questions with Amrish Kumar, fashion designer

Q. How did this collaboration come about? Why did you feel the need to get an international designer for your line?
We have always been looking for great talent, people who can do justice to Label while keeping the heritage aspect in mind. I wanted someone who has had a depth of experience, and Samy Chalon was the right person. Samy and I met accidentally but as I spent some time with him, I realised he was a good fit. His background and pedigree was a fantastic fit. His design process matches with ours and he understood the importance of heritage.

Amrish Kumar, designer Ritu Kumar’s son, who manages their pret line, Label, has joined hands with French designer Samy Chalon (below) for a Spring /Summer line

Q. What aspects has Samy Chalon added to Label’s design philosophy and aesthetics?
A. Samy brings French aesthetics to the brand and a young international prospective. He has kept in mind the brand’s culture to create modern clothes for today’s women. He takes his inspiration from the company’s heritage and twists it in a very contemporary and international way.

Q. Do you plan to collaborate with more international designers?
A. Yes, we have plans. We are always open to more international and national talent.

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