Of late, Gigolos hard to come by on city streets

Sep 14, 2011, 10:19 IST | Sheetal Sukhija

Red-light alleys usually teeming with male sex workers, wear a deserted look even as the number of women seeking to indulge in paid flings increase

Red-light alleys usually teeming with male sex workers, wear a deserted look even as the number of women seeking to indulge in paid flings increase

There was a time when kohl-eyed young men dotted the city's popular red-light alleys known for satiating carnal desires of women, mostly from the higher and middle class.

Of late, the number of rich and famous women looking for a paid fling has been swelling, but the men, known for obliging their desires, have disappeared from the scene.

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So what prompted the vanishing of the gigolos?

When MiD DAY spoke with one of the city's popular pimps, he revealed that male sex workers have quietly dumped their female clientele here only to shift to other groovy cities.

To check on the trend, MiD DAY further placed a few requests for gigolos on escort websites about two months ago, only to discover no takers.

Asked about the reason behind the delay, Kaushik (name changed), an agent, said, "The situation is strange. We get about 20 calls from clients, many of whom are regulars, every week asking for hot men in the business.
But most of our hottest wares have shifted to other cities apparently to make more money, leaving their female clientele high and dry.

"To meet the rising demand and retain old clientele, we are forced to hire male sex workers from Mumbai and Delhi at higher rates.

Besides higher fees we also have to bear their flight expenses. Now we are left with no other option but to revise the rate chart."

Never satisfied!
Ogden (name changed), a Mumbai-based gigolos, who is probably the most sought after male sex worker in the city circles, said, "It is really tough to please Bangalore women and they are very demanding.
I have had to fulfill a lot of weird demands of my clients in the past six months here.

Also, regular clients are not willing to change places and do not accept the rate revision too. We make a lot more money on one nightout in Mumbai and Delhi, but Bangalore is gradually turning into a very dull market for us."

He added that several gigolos in the city had to pursue other professions, as whatever they earn as sex workers barely suffices for their day-to-day expenditure.

In Delhi and Mumbai, they are paid handsomely so they don't need to exhaust themselves doing other jobs along side.

When MiD DAY contacted a few of the regular clients, posing as new agents, they confirmed the lack of good men in the city to hook up with.

New boy toys
"I had a regular agent, but I am more than willing to change as he does not supply fresh faces anymore. There are very few of the old faces left," said Meera, a regular client (name changed).

A source from the fashion industry said that clients are currently looking at an alternative in the form of the many struggling male models in the city, who are entering the trade to make a fast buck.

"Their rates may be higher, but they surely fulfill the growing demand," he added.

Rate chart
Touching/massaging /fingering Rs 2,000
Oral sex Rs 3,500
Anal sex Rs 10,000
Sex Rs 8,000 (upwards, depending on positions preferred)
Threesome Rs 20,000 (upwards, depending on preferred orientation)

You've got male?
Demand (calls per week basis) in each city: 
Bangalore 40 
Chennai  25
Mumbai 20
Delhi 12
Kolkata 9

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