Of mothers and daughters

Mar 24, 2014, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

“I’ve always preferred staying in the background,” said Kavita Singh, when we spoke to her yesterday

“I’ve always preferred staying in the background,” said Kavita Singh, when we spoke to her yesterday. “But this store was to launch my daughter Nandini, a graduate of the Inchbald School of Design in London who has worked with me in my interior design business for many years. I wanted it to carry her name,” said the lady said to have the best taste in the city. “But she said no, every one knows you better.”

Kavita and daughter Nandini Singh

Interestingly, the launch of Kavita Singh Interiors over the weekend, saw the gathering of quite a few attractive mother-daughter duos, with Singh’s younger sister Sunita (Anil) Kapoor and her daughters Sonam and Rhea in attendance along with Waheeda Rehman and daughter Kashvi and our sister Devieka Bhojwani with our niece Ruchika.

Sonam Kapoor with Nandini Singh

And along with signature Kavita Singh items, which have long adorned the homes of India’s upper crust such as Pichwais, Kalighat paintings, Venetian mirror photo frames, silver-plated containers, candelabra, marble urlis and tea light containers , the talk of the evening was Aishwarya Nair’s delicious health food snacks at an attractive corner of the store.

Kavita Singh with younger sister Sunita Kapoor

As for Sonam, according to a guest, she was completely bowled over by her cousin and aunt’s new store. “She was constantly instagramming pictures of it all evening,” we were told.

Waheeda Rehman with daughter Kashvi

Aaditya and the game
Everyone knows how fond he is of cricket and football, but ever since Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray was appointed chairman of the Mumbai District Football Association (MDFA), he’s taken new his role promoting ‘the beautiful game’ even more seriously. 

Aaditya Thackeray

And news comes in that this week the son of Sena chief Uddhav and the future leader of the right wing party will be inaugurating yet another football stadium that’s opening in a mall in Mumbai. Recently, Mumbai has witnessed a number of such facilities mushrooming across the city, catering to the needs of lovers of the sport who often cannot find grounds to play at especially after work. With excellent lighting, facilities and international standards these indoor ‘pay and play’ stadiums have added a much-needed dimension to the lives of Mumbai’s young and restless crowd.

This one is called Play and it’s different as it provides FIFA-approved turf and provides players with a neon and glow in the dark lights’ facility. To be launched at the K-Mall in Chembur by two young 20-year-olds sportsmen Ronak Daftary, and Rohan Punjani from Jai Hind College, the promoters hope to add game screening and other arcade games facilities. “I conceived the idea when I fell into a pothole while playing football outdoors and realised that every time I got home there was dust in my nose and lungs” says Daftary, adding, “And after I fell at another similar pitch and required 13 stitches after cutting my knee, we went hunting for space and got our act together.”

Mumbai’s dismal public infrastructure. Perhaps, next on the young politician’s list?

What, me worry? 
And word comes in that Arjun Rampal whose delightful short story about being down and out in New York we had so enjoyed in Khalid Mohamed’s Faction will be bringing his Delhi lounge LAP to Mumbai shortly. A few months ago, the star was in the news when it was reported that he had been has served an eviction notice by the ITDC in whose property the club was housed. It was reported that Rampal had defaulted on payment of rent and owed over RS 2 crore as dues.

Arjun Rampal

Incidentally, the story he’d written had vividly and sensitively captured a broke model’s travails in the Big Apple, which included spending nights on a bench at Central Park! Mercifully, no such tribulations await the successful model turned actor. “So I am bankrupt now according to media reports. So everyone cash out your checks now... #ridiculous,” he had tweeted in outrage about the reports.

Tinker tailor spy
He may be a cartoonist for another media outlet but that does not stop us from marvelling at the multi-talented Hemant Morparia.

Photo taken by Hemant Morparia

And to his job description of radiologist attached to two leading Mumbai hospitals, daily cartoonist, occasional stand-up comic artist, weekend fencer, passionate carver of fruit and avid St Emillionian, we can now add exceptional photographer.

Cartoonist Hemant Morparia

These pictures taken of random surfaces and peeling paint had us stop in our tracks. What next doc? Bungee jumping or writing operas? Just don’t stop them funnies! 

Massive work, massive fraud?
Oh dear. The art world is in a bit of a tizzy over a recent show where some stunning and mammoth commissioned works were presented. “It was really exceptional work,” says a lady with a formidable collection of her own.

“And we were all quite staggered.” So, what’s the problem? The problem is that a couple of artists she later spoke with told her that they had been given the impression that the works were for a prestigious museum in Spain.

“Which is why we gave them for a pittance,” said one artist to her. “And now we see that they are being sold for much much more!” he wailed. 

No fair is what we say.

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