36 of 227 posts lie vacant in RTO despite government notification

Jan 08, 2013, 08:29 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

Last year state government stated that ratio of staff at Regional Transport Office should be increased according to number of vehicles in the city; number of vehicles has grown considerably from 6 lakh to 23 lakh over past 10 years

The state government issued a notification last year, in which it specified that the ratio of staff at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) should be increased according to the number of vehicles in the city. However, no such move has been made so far, though the number of vehicles on the road has increased to 23 lakh from 6 lakh over the last 10 years.

The current staff capacity at the RTO is 227, from officers to class IV employees, which is still below the number required, as per the notification. Also, 36 of the 227 posts, including RTO inspector, prosecutor, public relation officer, accountant and others are lying vacant.

Filling in the blanks: The Regional Transport Office, which is currently facing a staff shortage

The city is known for having the largest number of two-wheelers as compared to other parts of the state, and everyday around 700 new vehicles are being registered.

The current number of auto rickshaws in the city is 23,000. Despite this fact, no staff additions have been made, but in fact it has decreased. Posts of those staff who have been transferred or retired continue to lie vacant.

Some counters have staff while others do not seem to be operational. Pics/Krunal Gosavi

“In the last year, the State Government had issued notification, which clearly specified that the ratio of staff should be increased according to the number of vehicles in the city.

The recently established Karhad and Akluj RTOs recruited staff according to the number of vehicles. But the decision has not been implemented at the RTOs, which already exist. We have provided all the statistical information about the number of vehicles and ratio of staff. Staff numbers should be increased, as currently there are 227 posts, of which 36 are vacant,” said Deepak Dhaygude, deputy RTO.

Several seized vehicles have been parked on the RTO premises for many years. Due to an inadequate number of security guards on the premises, many thefts have been reported. “The RTO office is situated on a plot that is over one-acre, but only two security guards watch over to premises.

We know it is not sufficient. We have demanded that a different private security agency be appointed. The premises requires a minimum of eight guards, but that is just on paper for the past year,” said Arun Yeola, Pune RTO.  


Purpose defeated
In order to decentralize work, RTO has been establishing branches at various areas in the city, for which the Pune Municipal Corporation has allotted more than one acre of land collectively in Baner and Hadapsar. The District Collector has approved Rs 25 lakh for the construction work on these plots. Work on these two new branches of the RTO is expected to start from next year. Learning license and driving tests will be conducted at these branches to avoid a heavy rush at Alandi RTO. 
“Branches will be beneficial for the people of those areas. They don’t need to come to Sangam Bridge or Alandi Road office. But the problem is that we need additional staff for these branches. If recruitment is not done, then the existing employees will have to be deputed on shift-basis at the Baner and Hadapsar branches, which defeats the purpose of decentralization,” Yeola said.    

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