Of reading and chopping

May 01, 2012, 08:08 IST | Special Features

I love reading books as they transport me to a different world altogether. When I read a book, I become a part of it.

In fact, I had to keep a check on my passion for reading when I started training in music. When I started singing, I had to control my liking for reading as I needed to dedicate more time on learning music. When I am working round the clock, I just pick up a book to cut off myself from the world. 

Vaishali Samant, singer

Then there are days, when I just want to laze around and do nothing at all. Sometimes, buying groceries is also great fun as it brings me back to real world. Also, I love cooking for my family, especially for my son Kushan. Trying different cuisines is great fun as my husband is a complete foodie.

Also as a woman I am very practical; I keep a good check on my accounts, so I know when to splurge and when to avoid. I love keeping updates about my money matters.

(As told to Avantika Patil)

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