Of sabziwallis and Delhi girls!

Jul 11, 2012, 09:01 IST | Deepali Dhingra

"We've all sung or come up with a funny song now and then, now just imagine four of India's best rock musicians playing your nonsense," says Vir Das. And that by the way, is how the funny man describes his Comedy Rock band Alien Chutney

The band is busy doing gigs and is in the process of bringing out their very first album. All set to perform on the stage tomorrow, Vir spoke to CS on behalf of the band:

Unfamiliar, yet known
I knew it was something that would be completely weird and unfamiliar as a musical endeavour, but at the same time our songs are about sabziwallis, and politicians and family members and Delhi girls. So the context is entirely Indian. It’s alien, but it’s still chutney. That’s the official explanation. There is another explanation that involves me, a guitar and a very old monk.

Our fans are an interesting mix. You’ve got my comedy fans and film fans who expect my brand of humour. At the same time the audience is full of rock fans. So they expect guitar licks from Warren Mendonsa, crazy drumming from Siddharth Coutto or concert level piano from Kaizad. The musical standard expected is tremendous because Warren, Sid Gaurav and Kaizad are at the top of the rock game. I’m the only one in the band who really gets to goof off.

Stage effect
Comedy audiences and rock audiences are both looking for something new and unique. This satisfies both cravings. We had a Punjabi man charge the stage in Delhi recently while we did a song called ‘Pappe you’re the dude, if you’ve got the manboobs’. I won’t comment as to why the song upset him! You figure it out. 

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