Of Tiger, his 'bro' and KJO

Jun 09, 2014, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

When we had gone to Ayesha and Jackie’s pre-release screening of their cub Tiger's 'Heropanti' at the Yash Raj studios, we had no idea that it would be the mega-blockbuster it became

When we had gone to Ayesha and Jackie's pre-release screening of their cub Tiger's 'Heropanti' at the Yash Raj studios, we had no idea that it would be the mega-blockbuster it became. We recall the positive buzz in the well-appointed celebrated auditorium, crammed to the rafters with film industry legends.

And bumping into our old Danny Denzongpa, easily one of the most graceful and refined of Bollywood denizens. "Tiger looks SO much like you," we'd said to Denzongpa, at which he smiled.

Karan Johar
Karan Johar

"He's best friends with my son Rinzing," he'd said, "They're almost like brothers." And to be sure, the next day through the press coverage we saw that it had been Rinzing who'd driven his bestie/bro to this most crucial screening of his debut film.

Danny Denzongpa Rinzing Denzogpa
Danny Denzongpa and Rinzing Denzogpa

"They've known each other since Tiger was born," said Tigermom Ayesha Shroff, when we called her up to ask what the truth was on the rumours that Tiger had been signed by Karan Johar for a dream project based on Amish Tripathi's 'The Immortals of Meluha', whose rights he'd acquired a few years ago.

Tiger Shroff Ayesha Shroff
Tiger Shroff and Ayesha Shroff

We'd been the ones to first speculate if Tiger would reprise the role of Lord Shiva in the book, which tells the story of a Tibetan immigrant named Shiva. ('The role he was born to play', we'd written.)

Regarding KJO: "Tiger met him and they had a lovely meeting, very casual and they just chattered, but no film signed as of now." So there you have it from the tigress' mouth. And being admirers of not only Lord Shiva but also young Tiger, we have our fingers crossed!

Yummy Mummies and their sons
She's a pillar of Bangalore society, and with her luxuriant mane, gregarious personality and penchant for fashion, Leena Singh is very much the Page 3 paparazzi delight.

Arjun Sajnani and Leena Singh Tanvir Singh
Arjun Sajnani, Leena Singh and Tanvir Singh

So recently when we saw her young actor-son, the handsome Tanvir's excellent ad on TV in which the sensitive-looking young man invites viewers to 'Find your World' for ebay.in, we couldn't help thinking that good looks run in the family!

Just do it Gutthi
Word comes in that one of our favourite actors Sunil Grover of Gutthi fame wants very much to return to CNWK.

Sunil Grover 
Sunil Grover

"I met him on a flight recently and he admitted he was miserable and wanted to get back to CNWK," said our source, "But he wanted to get back with his dignity intact! I told him just do it! Don't think so much!"

Storm in a champagne flute
There are few high-society anecdotes that are so deliciously wicked that they stand the test of time by becoming part of urban folklore.

The case of the two Lalits and their Rs 1-crore Diwali gambling debt; the incident involving a leading artist who took his canvas back from one of his favourite muses on the pretext of improving it and then proceeded to fake amnesia when it was time to return it; and, of course, the case of the apathetic golfers at SoBo's toniest club, who continued their game after one of their teammates suffered a heart attack and died alone in the ambulance on the way to hospital; who can forget these?

These are the modern-day mythologies of Mumbai and serve to remind us all how the rich, famous and powerful really are very different from us all! The next story we are going to narrate falls into this category.

A celebrated SoBo hostess threw one of her soirees this weekend at home. Many pillars of Mumbai society were present and it was all going pleasantly. But as it sometimes happens on these evenings, a lady fell. Someone well-known to all present and one a tad portly and (depending which side you're on) perhaps slightly inebriated.

Here's where the real action begins: along with the crash-bang ouch that followed, the unfortunate lady who'd fallen noticed a popular society figure clap her hands in delight and cheer while she took her tumble. This was an affront that hurt the fallen woman (the 'fallee?') more than her bruises.

As soon as she had recovered what dignity she had left, it is said that in a big, booming voice she turned viciously on the alleged laugher (the 'laughee'?) and revealed some unfortunate details about the poor woman's marital situation, which had ended in tragedy. "Everyone knows that your husband was seeing XXX before he died," she screamed, adding a lot more spice to the revelation than we have the stomach to recount here.

Stunned, the guests slunk away and the party folded up in tatters. Early next morning, the alleged 'laughee' called the hostess and threatened to take her to court for her embarrassment. The 'fallee', meanwhile, realised she'd gone too far for even Mumbai society and tried to make excuses for her outburst by saying how hurt she'd felt at being laughed at 'when I could have died because of a blood clot problem.'

There, the storm in a champagne flute swirled with the urban-jungle grapevine, tom-tomming rage and outrage at regular intervals between the two camps. Now, the 'laughee' has returned from a spa weekend and declared that life is too short, and that she'd like to forgive and forget. The 'fallee' is, meanwhile, telling people this "Gandhigiri" is "just a ruse to win sympathy." And so it goes, and so it goes…

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