Oh fish!

Oct 12, 2011, 10:26 IST | Pathikrit Sen Gupta

Yup! My sentiments exactly after a meal at Oriental Bloom. Read on to find out more

Yup! My sentiments exactly after a meal at Oriental Bloom. Read on to find out more

"This better be good," I thought. After all I was travelling more than 50 km for it. From east Delhi to Gurgaon. Well, I found out along the way that the toll plaza at the border is no less hazardous than the LoC (yes, I include the film too). But that's for another time.

We reached Oriental Bloom at Sector-29 in Millennium City in about an hour. Except for a couple of particularly unsanitary looking pigs I spotted a little distance away (you'll understand why I skipped the pork), the surrounds were quite sublime. We went in. This was while the Navratras were on.

Prawn sui mai at Oriental Bloom

That would explain the thinness of the crowds at the restaurant and the abundance at Bikanervala next door. Only a few hyperactive ankle-biters were running around, reminding me of the fact that Kingdom of Dreams was nearby and Appu Ghar will be here soon. On the bright side, we were able to pick a table of our choice.

I started off with some Prawn sui mai dim sum, Chicken cilantro rice flour dumplings, Stir fried chicken with chilli and cilantro and some mocktails.
The 55-cover restaurant - originally on the third floor of Ansal Plaza till last year - serves Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese, and is renowned for its dim sum and teppenyaki. The starters were satisfactory. The prawn sui mai, which I usually love, was a bit of a letdown.

It was time for main course - Chicken glutinous rice with soy topping in earthen pot, Crispy fish in aromatic light soy sauce and Grilled chicken with Kikkoman soy sauce. The sticky rice failed to stick, but the crispy fish touched a spot (safe to say that it's the best bait...err, bet). The chicken wasn't too bad either.

Now for the good bit, or so I thought. I virtually snatched the Chocolate Oreo and honey caramel ice cream rolls from the hands of the addled attendant.

Unfortunately, the general idea that the fillings should remain in solid form despite heating the crust had gone for a toss. One bite of a roll and I had nearly soiled my trousers. What would I suggest? Well, don't go looking for the Oriental Bloom. But drop by if you are in town.

Address: Oriental Bloom, Ground floor, sco-39, Sector-29, Gurgaon
Timings: Noon to midnight
Ring: 9971992005
Meal for two: Rs 1500+taxes

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