Ok to slap officials who don't work efficiently, says Goa minister

Apr 10, 2013, 02:56 IST | Agencies

It is okay to slap government officials who do not work efficiently, according to Goa Civil Supplies Minister Dayanand Mandrekar.

Mandrekar made the remark on Monday during a debate on civil supplies in the ongoing budget session of the state legislative assembly.

“Sometimes officials do not do any work properly and do not listen too. Then like he (Mickky Pacheco) said, they should be slapped,” Mandrekar said.

Goa Vikas party legislator Mickky Pacheco earlier during the debate said that officials of the water resources department had been ignoring the building of a retaining wall in the village of Betalbatim, 30 km away, and that there was no way that they could be made to work unless people slapped them.

Pacheco has already been convicted for slapping a government official on duty in 2011. He has appealed against the sentence.

There have been a series of incidents in the last few years of leaders slapping civil servants who had not carried out their instructions.

A survey of members of the Maharashtra state assembly found one in six had slapped government officials. Affidavits submitted by assembly members found that 50 had been charged with assaulting officials.

One member from the Shiv Sena party had been accused of slapping officials on five occasions. The most recent controversy has been that of MLAs slapping an API outside the Vidhan Bhavan.

50 No of MLAs who have been charged for assaulting officials

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