Olympic quiz (1964-2008)

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Olympic quiz

1. The marathon winner of the Atlanta Games was a sensation in every sense of the word. Back home, a few months before the 1996 Games, he was car-jacked and shot at. He jumped out of the car to escape from his captors but injured his back very badly.
He recovered just in time to run the marathon at Atlanta and won the closest ever Olympic marathon, by just three seconds, from Lee Bong Ju of Korea and Wainaina of Kenya after running for 2 hours 12 minutes and 36 seconds. Name the champ.

A) Martin Fiz B) Richard Nerurkar C) Josia Thugwane D) German Silva

2. Lawrence Lemieux of Canada finished 22nd in the ‘finn class’ sailing competition at the Seoul Games after being in second position for most of the race. Why was he awarded a special ‘silver’ medal?

A) He had the least number of penalty points
B) He rescued two Singaporean competitors from drowning
C) His protest against the silver medallist was upheld
D) He was thrown off the boat by giant waves and swam ashore

3. This Muslim girl from an African country won the 400-metre hurdles at the ’84 Games. The day she won, her country’s ruler spoke to her on the phone and congratulated her. He also decreed that all girls born in his country that day would be named after the star athlete. That athlete is now the Sports Minister of
her country. Name the athlete.

A) Ruqaya Al Ghasara
B) Ibtihaj Muhammad
C) Hassiba Boulmerka
D) Nawal El Moutawakel

Extracted with permission from The Games by Austin Coutinho. Published by Popular Prakashan.

Answers:  1: c 2:b 3: d


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