OMG! Even Madonna has to steal parking

Mar 24, 2016, 21:50 IST | A Correspondent

Seems like 'Material Girl' Madonna has taken her song 'Bitch I'm Madonna' too seriously

Seems like 'Material Girl' Madonna has taken her song 'Bitch I'm Madonna' too seriously.


Madonna has apparently been ordered to remove 'no parking signs' from the public car space outside her New York City home by city officials.

The 'Crazy For You' singer allegedly erected a metal sign outside her property stating, "Tenant parking only... unauthorised vehicles will be towed away at vehicle owner's expense", while the words 'No Parking' had been embossed in cement on the sidewalk, and the nearby curb had been painted yellow.

Madonna's neighbour, who didn't take lightly to the 'warning' reported the signage and the singer's attempt to reserve her own parking spot to the New York Department of Transportation.

Post that an official visited Madonna's Upper East Side townhouse on Wednesday and ordered her to remove the signage immediately, according to media reports.

This is not the first time Madonna has been pulled up. Previously, a British judge has urged pop star Madonna and her former husband Guy Ritchie to resolve their ongoing custody dispute over their 15-year-old son Rocco, warning them of ruining his childhood.

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