On a dazzling path

Aug 10, 2012, 09:16 IST | The Centre Stage Team

The second day of Kingfisher Premium Chennai International Fashion Week 2012 in association with Gitanjali Jewels saw some splendid cut works and vibrant colours.

Kochi based designer, Hari Anand, teamed up dazzling diamonds from Nakshatra with his collection — Global Traveller. Nakshatra diamond jewellery evokes images of destiny and fate, a shape of things to come reflected in the positions of the stars above. 

Miss India Farah Hussain walks the ramp for Hari Anand as the show stopper

It symbolises vastness and infinity, bestowing on the diamond, the classic qualities of beauty, radiance, immortality and power. It epitomises mystery and brilliance, and showers divine luck on the wearer.

A model wearing Asmi jewellery

Hari Anand’s collection presented a look that combined technical performance fabrics with practical fabrics and details. Colours were replaced with neutrals, black and white.

The use of Batik printing tech was subtly used which gave his collection a safari feel. The second day of CIFW also saw a jewellery preview of the latest offering from Asmi where its marvellous designs left the audience spell bound.

Models walk in Hari Anand’s creations

Asmi jewellery has a contemporary, delicate, and feminine look that is distinctly evocative of strength and grace. 

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