On FB page of traffic police, citizens become 'informers'

Sep 08, 2011, 06:57 IST | A Correspondent

Most messages on page about traffic violations on major roads

Most messages on page about traffic violations on major roads

Citizens seem to have become more 'police sensitive' these days, which is evident from the nature of complaints posted on the Pune Traffic Police's Facebook page.

While most complaints earlier were about traffic jams and had people cribbing in general, nowadays the messages on the page are more about feedback and passing on information.

A visit to the Facebook page now shows that the complaints are no longer woes in their nature but are more informative feedbacks.

The Pune Traffic Police Facebook page

The tone of most complaints has been positive and citizens are informing the police about violations by motorists on various roads.

Some people have even posted suggestions meant to apprehend such offenders. One such suggestion was to convert the New DP Road in Kothrud into a no-parking zone because of the ongoing digging and construction work.

Another complainant, Raghavendra Deshmukh, posted photos of a vehicle flouting no-parking rules near Sadashiv Peth. And the traffic police also responded positively, saying the complaint had been forwarded to the Vishrambaug Traffic Division.

Sag Sagayanathan posted photos of garbage dump trucks dangerously overtaking other vehicles, and without visible number plates or tail-lamps.

Another complaint was about people driving on the wrong side and it urged the police to take action.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vishwas Pandhare said he was happy about the people's active participation.
"We are trying our level best to address as many complaints as possible. The page sponsors, Janwani NGO, are also rendering us good technical support and the newly developed software to manage complaints is also working," he said.

Pandhare added that people should be more vigilant in light of the current festive season, when the police are already bogged down with a heavy workload.
"Any serious complaint is immediately acted upon and we regularly coordinate with out various traffic divisions to verify its genuineness. Patrolling vehicles are also sent to the spot if required," he said.

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