On Shazahn's hot list

Apr 24, 2012, 07:21 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

Like every girl, actor Shazahn Padamsee has had her share of crushes on Hollywood and Bollywood actors. She's grown up loving Leonardo DiCaprio and finds Robert Pattinson 'cute and hot' at the same time.

In a fun interview, Shazahn lists out some hotties whom she feels sends the temperatures soaring.

Who: Shazahn Padamsee 
What: Talking about the men she finds hot 
Where: In Bandra

1 Bowled over by Brad
I had a crush on Brad Pitt when I was a teenager and my crush is still on. I find him very handsome. And not to mention, he is one of the best-dressed Hollywood stars. He is a cool dad, doting husband and good actor. What more do you need?

2 Leo is the king of hearts
My high school friends and I fell in love with him in Titanic. We used to keep rewinding to the scene where the ship is sinking, and he is holding Rose’s (Kate Winslet) hand. He was our kiddie crush. Over the years he has evolved into a versatile and powerful actor as well.

3 Johnny rules
He is the bad boy of Hollywood. And there are very few girls who don’t like bad boys. I am not one of them (laughs out loud). With his piercing eyes, beard and eclectic dressing sense, Johnny is really very hot and magnetic.

4 Raving about Rob
Well, he has to be the hottest vampire ever (laughs). I also love his accent. While the Twilight craze amongst girls may seem somewhat out of bounds, there’s no denying that Robert has the X-factor.

5 This Khiladi is fun
Akshay is definitely one of the hottest men around. He is the coolest co-star to work with. And he has a superb sense of humour as well.

6 By George!
There are very few women who don’t like George Clooney. Like wine he gets better with age. And he’s a great actor as well. 

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