On top of their game

Apr 21, 2013, 08:38 IST | Jigar Shah

Ace cricketers Suresh Raina and Shikhar Dhawan might be known for their way with the bat and ball but off the field they love outdoor sports. In a candid chat with Jigar Shah aboard a yacht during an LVMH event, the twosome reveal their lesser-known side

Out of bounds
Shikhar Dhawan (SD): I’m not a sailor, but I’m an adventure junkie. I have tried most water sports such as water skiing and para sailing. I’m an outdoor person and love bungee jumping and trekking.

PIc/ Bipin Kokate

Suresh Raina (SR): I love beach sports but I have not sailed a yacht yet.

For the love of it
SD: I love bikes and own a Hayabusa worth Rs 13.5 lakh. I ride it to my net practice.

SR: Since my father was in the army, he had a huge collection of books. That’s how I started reading at an early age.

All in the game
SD: Cricket is a highly competitive game but that’s the beauty of it. The pressure actually motivates you to perform better.

SR: We have to be strong to be able to handle the pressure. Playing for India is the biggest high for me.

Family affairs
SD: I have two daughters and went for my first parent-teacher meeting, back in Australia. It reminded me of my PTA meeting whereteachers would complain to my parents about my misdeeds. I was very mischievous. Thankfully my daughters are good at studies. I like to spend my spare time with my family.

SR: I’m not a star at home. My family members still call me Sonu. I still get pulled up for not eating on time or missing out on some household work.

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