'Once an actor, always an actor!'

Jul 06, 2012, 08:47 IST | Kunal M Shah

After a few recent cameos, Madhoo says she is finally ready for bigger roles in films

Her last big film was Diljale, way back in 1996, but Madhoo has kept herself busy doing cameos in several Bollywood films. The actress will now be seen in another cameo in Rajesh Gupta’s upcoming film. The actress says, “There have been offers in the past but I always avoid them saying, ‘Not available’. However, I must say that filmmaker Rajesh Gupta was persistent. It was that one quality that I liked.

When I finally agreed to meet him, he had come so well prepared with a specially created promo for me. Plus it is a children’s film and I love kids. So I immediately agreed to do the film and now I am once again back on the sets.” Madhoo, who did a couple of films last year, says that she is now open to do more films. She says, “I am not on a sabbatical and I am at a phase where I want to do good meaningful work.

When I left the industry I had pretty much made sure that I would not do films anymore. But now that I am back, I have not made any announcement.” She adds, “My priorities are my children but thankfully for me I stay in a joint family and they pretty much look after them. I think — once an actor, always an actor!”  

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