One in 10 men in parts of Asia have raped: study

Sep 10, 2013, 14:22 IST | PTI

One in 10 men in parts of Asia have admitted to raping a woman who was not their partner and the figures were even higher for rape within intimate relationships, a new United Nations study conducted on 10,000 men across six countries has found

Rape was most common within intimate relationships, with a quarter of men admitting they had raped a wife or a girlfriend. The combined sample prevalence of intimate partner rape in men who had ever had a partner was 24 per cent, ranging from 13 per cent in Bangladesh to 59 per cent in Papua New Guinea, according to the United Nations report.

Almost a quarter of men surveyed admitted to committing at least one rape. Of those who admitted rape, just under half said they had done so more than once. For the study conducted in January 2011-December 2012, 10,178 men were interviewed from nine sites in Asia and the Pacific across six countries: Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Sri Lanka.

Men self-completed questions about rape perpetration but the word rape was not used in the questionnaire. Men were asked questions like: Have you ever had sex with your partner when you knew she didn't want to but you thought she should agree because she's your wife/ partner? Another question was have you ever had sex with a woman or girl when she was too drunk or drugged to say whether she wanted it or not?

In Papua New Guinea, more than six out of 10 men surveyed admitted forcing a woman to have sex. It was least common in urban areas of Bangladesh, where it was just under one in 10 and Sri Lanka where it was just over one in 10.

In Cambodia, China and Indonesia it ranged from one in five to almost half of all men surveyed. PTI

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