One-Rupee wonder

Aug 16, 2012, 09:12 IST | Ruchika Kher

Where there's a will, the community shows the way. Kolkata-based Anamitra Roy and Sriparna Dey have personified this saying by launching The One Rupee Film Project with the help of which they plan to raise money to make a film on independent filmmaking

“Maybe this world is not ours, but we can at least try to create a mark,” says Anamitra Roy, for whom filmmaking is not an industry but an activism. To give wings to his dream, the young filmmaker, along with friend Sriparna Dey launched The One Rupee Film Project, through which he aims to generate money to make a 90-minute film on independent filmmaking in India.

“The One Rupee Film Project is a community effort. In other words, a film being funded by a community dedicated to experimental, independent and good cinema,” says Roy.

Just one
Discarding traditional producers and distribution system, Roy and Dey plan to make the film with the help of contributions from people at large. Anyone can contribute to the project with an amount as low as Rs 1.

The fundraising campaign started in February this year, and the film is expected to go on floor next month. Till now, the project has garnered around R1,15,000 and the film needs atleast Rs 2,50,000 to complete. The film revolves around the story of a filmmaker, who wants to go beyond the mainstream, People power “There are two basic aims of this project. Firstly, to build a database of people genuinely interested in such efforts. Secondly, to remove the concept of celebrity and to establish a platform where interaction between the artist and the lover of independent cinema takes place,” explains Anamitra.

However, as far as monetary gains are concerned, the filmmaker stresses that they can’t guarantee the contributors
anything. “This project is not about earning a quick buck. It doesn’t follow the invest-and-earn-profit model. People, who feel that we are capable of producing good films within limited resources, should support us. If you have contributed a large amount you’ll get back what you deserve if we finally are able to sell the rights somewhere. But, we don’t support daydreaming,” Roy gets it straight.

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