Online website on a mission to rehabilitate stray dogs

Apr 30, 2016, 09:33 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Online dog adoption service, is seeking funds to help 1,000 dogs find new homes

In What started as an attempt to adopt a dog way back in 2015, has emerged into a full-scale online platform bringing pet owners and pet adopters together and facilitating adoption. Available as an Android app as well as a web service, helps dog lovers find a suitable pet for their homes by connecting them with more than 300 dog shelters as well as individual pet owners across India.

"On an average we have facilitated adoption of nearly 150 dogs every three months since our inception," says Abhinav Tyagi, one of the founders of the portal. Now based in Delhi, Tyagi says that Petdom started as a project by four friends — Udit Agarwal, Neha Khandelwal, Shubhendu and Tyagi, and has now has evolved into a team of nine animal lovers working full time on helping dogs find a new home. "Our goal is to help 25 million dogs find shelter across India," he adds.

However, a feat such as this costs money, and therefore the team has listed it up on the crowd-funding platform, to raise $10,000. "There are just a few handful of shelter homes in India, most of which are full at all times. The sooner a dog finds a new home, the sooner, a shelter home will be able to offer temporary shelter to a new stray dog," he says.

Tyagi informs that over the last year, they have realised that, the entire process of connecting a dog in need for home with an adopter costs nearly $10, which includes the cost to transport the dog to their new home and conduct surprise checks in the future. Would then $10,000 be enough to meet the goal? Crowdfunding, says Abhinav, is just a temporary solution.

"We have gone for crowd funding so as to help 1,000 dogs in various shelter homes across India, urgently find homes," he says, adding, "We have managed to raise 35% of our goal in 10 days. We have another 35 days to reach our target. We have created an entirely new business process, one that will help us self-sustain operations. We are looking at offering more related services such as pet product kits, surprise gift packages and other pet services, on a subscription basis," he adds.

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