Only 8 of the 152 corporators opt to study PMC's DP

Dec 31, 2012, 08:21 IST | Vivek Sabnis

It may be difficult to believe, but it is true that out of 152 elected members of the PMC General Body meeting, only eight have demanded to study the Development Plan, which will be discussed in the meeting on January 7, 2013. Also, many elected representatives in the house are asking for a copy of the DP to be available in Marathi

The DP was scheduled to be discussed on December 18 in the General Body Meeting, but was postponed to January 7. Several elected members have complained that they did not have a copy of the DP. Also, Vasant More, Kishor Shinde and other members of the MNS raised an issue over the DP not being made available in Marathi as well. 

Issue in the house: Not having a Marathi translation copy of the new Development Plan resulted in 77 corporators in the PMC General Body meeting voting to postpone discussion to Jan 7  

MiD DAY published an article ‘Discussion on GP-DP postponed until Jan’ on December 19.

Sunil Parkhi, municipal secretary, who is authorised to distribute copies of the DP to members in the PMC house, said, “The DP is with me and I will be distributing copies after accepting a written demand for the same. So far, I have only received eight such written demands. Corporators can approach me for the DP. We had also given two copies of the DP in English to party leaders.”

Parkhi added that as per Section 36 of the MRTP Act, the DP cannot be published, but only made available to PMC members for study. “The new DP will be available for public scrutiny after it is okayed by the state government,” he said.

According to Vijay Sable, who was in the gallery of the House when the December 18 GB discussion was postponed, the discussion in January could also be further postponed if the Marathi translation does not come in time.

Parkhi said, “Marathi translation of the DP is still underway, but it may be available shortly.”

Ravindra Malvadkar of Congress said, “I do not have a copy of the Marathi version of the DP. We need to first understand the document and then we would be able to discuss it.”

Yogesh Mulik, BJP corporator said, “There is no point in waiting for the Marathi copy, as any expert from the Town Planning Department can help with understanding the English copy. Otherwise, the discussion will be further delayed.”

Subhash Jagtap, leader of house, said, “We shall pass the DP on January 7 in the GB by hook or by crook. I don’t know when the Marathi translation will be made available to us.” 

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