Only thrills at this Andheri bar

May 16, 2014, 08:00 IST | Tanveer Bookwala

Ignore the ambiance, give in to the music, and Spill will be a smooth ride

Mumbai is India’s nightlife capital; and every area, north and south of the sea link has their set of bars to satiate your thirst. In Andheri, Seven Bungalows and Veera Desai Road offer night-outers with several options ranging from whether you favour craft brews or serious cocktails, a beer-and-shot special or a glass of wine.

SpillIgnore the blue lighting in the interiors but dont; miss the tributes to music icons. Pics/Nimesh Dave

Off a crooked street in the suburb, in what was formally Kino 101, the newly-opened Spill offers a variety of cocktails in a huge space with booths, a massive seating area, a standard bar and a private area. The conceit here is a huge embossed vision of Jim Morrison.

Sadly, the blue-toned lighting makes the place look, for lack of a better word, shady, which it is not. But if you are wiling to overlook that detail, Spill! can be an interesting watering hole.

The best part of the space is its music. The in-house DJ (contracted from Ryan Beck) really knows how to spin it. We were treated to a night of Retro, Rock and Pop.

Largely consisting of finger food, Spill offers fun delights. We began with the Strawberry and Guava Crush (' 114.29).

It was an exotic blend of the two fruits like the name suggested. A tad too milky for my taste, and more milkshake-less mocktail but it was refreshing. And if fruitiness is what your thing is, this one will hit the spot and let you bathe in the afterglow of the sugar rush.

The calamari was crispy on the outside and tender inside
The calamari was crispy on the outside and tender inside

The Long Island Iced Tea ('341.99) arrived with much fanfare but the potency didn’t impress us. We asked for it to be made stronger which they promptly did. It did hit our senses when the four different spirits collided to create one powerful drink. Equal parts vodka, gin, white rum, white tequila, and triple sec, plus sour mix and a splash of coke. If you are looking to get inebriated in a hurry, ask for the LIIT.

Next, the Mushroom Fritters ('141.84) were akin to a delicious canapé. The fritters were full of flavour, thanks to the inclusion of the exotic mushrooms. But a little innovation, like the inclusion of some Dijon mustard batter (how it is popularly served abroad now) might have been nice.

The Long Island Iced Tea was potent

The Crispy Calamari with Chilly Mayo ('162.11) was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. But the accompanying chilli mayo was disappointing. For mains, the Murgh Labadar ('202.63) was a typical gravy with too many onions for our liking. It was, however, succulent and flavourful. The Paneer Tikka ('162.11) for vegetarians did its job in the way that only paneer can, which is a good thing. But it was strictly average.

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At: Shop J-349, JP Road, opposite Apna Bazaar, Andheri (W). Call 26425895

Spill! didn’t know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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