Open to re-interpretation

May 10, 2012, 07:14 IST | Ruchika Kher

Founders of Trunks Company enlist the help of a French designer to re-interpret the classic piece of furniture used primarily for storage purposes

Our grandmothers and mothers hid them under the bed or placed them atop almirahs, away from prying eyes. Typically crammed with goods for safe-keeping, trunks often contained traces from a deliberately suppressed past.

The trunk transforms into a mobile bar

Pariyank Mehta and Paritosh Mehta decided to contemporise these metal boxes to epitomise style. “We wanted to translate the old-world charm of a conventional trunk into an article of luxury,” says Priyank, adding, “We derived inspiration from the Maharajas of Rajasthan, drawing on their cultural heritage to create a sense of timeless elegance.”

Apart from metal trunks, there are leather trunks. The cutting, nailing, and finishing are completed by hand and have been created by Livio Delesgues. “The trunks are a blend of my French tradition and heritage, whereas the innovation is from my Italian side,” says the French designer.

Livio adds, “The tradition and heritage of each trunk is expressed by the craftsmanship, the selection of the finest materials and the ability to assemble the trunks in the most conventional and classic way.”

“The idea was to make people dream and travel as far as possible,” says Livio, who was looking to contemporise the trunk for the 21st century. “I wanted to do this by keeping the glamour and the tradition of classic trunks intact,” he adds.

The designer says he’s ensured that the trunks don’t lack an Indian edge. “It was essential to give these trunks an Indian touch. This is evident in the logo, inspired by the Rajasthani jalli. Also, the lively colours used on the inside are another Indian element,” explains Livio.

The emphasis on design needn’t mean that utility serves no purpose here. “Innovation is imperative while designing each trunk. We conceptualised the trunk, so that not only is it a fashion accessory, but also a statement piece that is also

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