Open your mind and see the rainbow

Jun 13, 2015, 07:13 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

A commercial created for an online apparel brand featuring a live-in lesbian couple has gone viral

A commercial created for an online apparel brand featuring a live-in lesbian couple has gone viral. The Anouk Ethnic Apparel’s advertisement titled ‘The Visit’ and part of the brand’s ‘Bold Is Beautiful’ campaign shows a lesbian couple getting ready to meet the parents of one partner. The nervousness is evident, just like any other couple feels before meeting parents. It is path breaking even if were one to use a cliche, simply because commercials have not in any significant way touched upon the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) aspect. It is early days yet, but with the response that the advertisement is generating, the positive likes and of course a few negative comments it is evident that it has created a buzz and also triggered some introspection.

In May last year, this paper ran a piece about how Fastrack, a youth-centric brand of watches and eyewear ran a lesbian-themed advertisement, featuring two girls. The tagline read: Come out of the Closet. Move on. At that time, the creative director of the agency who made the ad had stated that gay-themed advertising should be part of our industry.

It does influence people’s thoughts and they can only get more progressive. The gay cause inadvertently maybe, may have found a new platform. While the motive of the ad makers may not be to give visibility to the LGBT cause, the lesbian themed ‘The Visit’ advertisement works well because it is weaved into everyday, ordinary life. The two women in the advertisement are having a trepidation filled meeting the mom moment, a situation any young heterosexual couple, could identify strongly with.

Recently, this newspaper too had run an advertisement of a young gay man seeking a man for marriage. It is interesting to see that while a battle is still on to legalize consensual gay sex between adults, culturally, things are changing though at a painfully slow space. Yet, new spaces are opening up both in minds and in more tangible ways. Especially important is the way commerce and industry is weaving the LGBT community into initiatives, giving us a glimpse of the approaching rainbow moment.

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