Opposites attract

Apr 15, 2012, 11:21 IST | Team SMD

Nearly 30 of Pakistani artist Rashid Rana's most iconic works, created since 2009, are on display in the city after four years

For the first time after four years, Rashid Rana’s major solo exhibition Apposite | Opposite is on at Chemould Prescott Road and Chatterjee and Lal until May 26. A resident of Lahore, this is his third exhibition in India since 2005. Spanning the entire area of two galleries, the exhibition incorporates both new and existing works and covers a spectrum of themes and media. On display are never-before- seen explorations using video work as well as a major sculptural statement, Desperately Seeking Paradise II. 

Complex views
Multiple visuals derived from diverse sources present complex views that on decoding relate to our scattered, shattered world.  On exhibit at Chemould Prescott Road is An Idea of Abstract, which represents Rana’s engagement with formal concerns, including new work from the Language Series (2010- 2011). In the stunning large-scale sculpture, Desperately Seeking Paradise II (2012) appears to be a minimalist stainless steel sculpture from an angle and from the other angle, it seems to depict a panoramic skyline of an imaginary city with high-rise buildings.  Close-up, the bigger picture disappears and thousands of smaller images are revealed, depicting houses in Lahore.  Between Flesh and Blood, What Lies Between Flesh and Blood (2009) are also on display. Chatterjee & Lal exhibits Photo-Sculptures and The Pure Beauty Series. 

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