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Sep 07, 2014, 08:22 IST | Phorum Dalal

Starting next month, Foodyn.com, a new online food service, will deliver diverse, home-cooked regional and international meals prepared by home chefs. You can choose from Goan, Bengali, Sindhi, Awadhi, Bihari cuisines and much more 

After retiring last month, 65-year-old Michael Almeida, a passionate cook who bowled his friends and family over with his Goan, Mangalorean and East Indian dishes, was toying with the idea of opening a small restaurant. However, he was unnerved by the thought of managing a full-time eatery and shelved the plan.

Goan Chicken Curry. Pic for representational purpose only

Two weeks ago, he came across www.foodyn.com, a soon-to-launched online food delivery service that delivers home-cooked food prepared by home chefs at your doorstep. “The website was calling all home chefs to sign up, and I signed up immediately,” says the Andheri resident. Almeida is one of the 200 home chefs who are a part of Foodyn.com.

Idea out of necessity
Slated for an October launch, Foodyn.com aims to bring two spectrums of people — those who crave for a home-cooked meal and homemakers who can whip up that meal — together. Founder Neha Sadh says, “The idea to start a service that made home-made food available to the public was born out of my own necessity. One day, I told my husband that I was in no mood to cook a meal. I asked him, ‘What if someone could deliver a home-cooked meal right away?’ And that got me thinking.”

Neha Sadh, the founder of Foodyn.com. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi 

The Andheri resident, who began working on the venture in May 2014, adds, “There’s so much talent out there. Many homemakers don’t start their own cooking ventures because they don’t want to take on the hassle of delivery and back-end management. At the same time, working professionals are so hard-pressed for time that they prefer ordering fast food rather than rustling up something. But eating fast food on a daily basis takes a toll on your health.

Home-made food is nutritious as well as healthy.”

What’s on the menu
Sadh, a media professional, emphasises that Foodyn.com is not a dabba service. “We want to serve fresh food and orders have to be placed 12 to 24 hours in advance. We want customers to relish food that they would have in their own homes. The cuisines on the menu are also diverse. Users can chose from Indian regional cuisines such as Sindhi, Punjabi, South Indian, Gujarati, Parsi and international cuisines such as Korean and Vietnamese. We even have distinct dishes from Surat, UP and Bihar. There’s a bit of fusion, too, with dishes like Mutton Irish stew with Indian tadka and Lemongrass potatoes,” says Sadh.

There’s good news for vegans, too. “We have a practicing vegan onboard who will whip up cheese sans any dairy product and gluten-free pasta, too,” says Sadh, adding that there is a lot of emphasis on quality control and not all home chefs who sign up on Foodyn.com come onboard. They are selected after Sadh visits their homes and sees them cooking. “I observe them at work to understand their skill sets and what dishes they are comfortable making. The chefs will use similar ingredients they use for their food and follow a high-standard of hygiene,” she signs off.

The meals will be delivered in eco-friendly, microwave-safe boxes. If would like to sign up as a chef, log on to www.foodyn.com or email support@foodyn.com.

The service, starting from October, will be available from Kandivli to Mahalaxmi.

Call: 9833057274 Meal for two: Approximately R400 onward

Get early access 
Next week, Foodyn.com will offer an early subscription. Once you sign up, you can win a voucher of Rs 1,000 if you recommend five more people.

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