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Jul 28, 2013, 09:37 IST | Kaveri Waghela

For a city that gorges on junk food, an organic dabba at work may sound crazy. But two months after ASMITA DESHMUKH launched Organza foods � her organic tiffin delivery service � it's a hit. She tells Kaveri Waghela how she is hoping to rope in schools soon

IT’s been over two months and Asmita Deshmukh, the founder of Organza foods can’t just be happier. After eight long years, her dream to work towards delivering organic food to people has finally come true.

Deshmukh worked with a multi national company before she set up Organza foods in may this year. Her idea was simple, she noticed that a lot of people in the city relied on junk food that tasted great but had zero nutrition value. She was also concerned about the lack of awareness about organic food. A lot has been said about it, the nutrient intake and the diet fad. This was, as she says, ‘her idea’ of making people switch to foods that are free of chemicals and pesticides, something that is not only healthy but also very tasty. “I can’t change the taste buds of people but I can definitely change the way people look at organic food. People have this pre-conceived notion about organic food being bland or even dietary. It’s not about making a change but just making small lifestyle changes that help in leading a healthy life.”

The kitchen is located in Chembur, where she also resides. The delivery is available from Andheri to Churchgate and from CST to Vikhroli through city efficient dabbawallas A typical dabba consists of three chapattis infused with flaxseeds, cumins or spinach, a vegetable dish, rice dish, a salad and a dessert; all of which is organic and free of dairy products. She says, “I stay clear of any dairy products as they may or may not always be organic. I make sure that the meal is balanced and filling. All the ingredients are 100 per cent organic. The food that is packaged in the dabba is the same food that is cooked at our home.”

In less than two months, people have appreciated her effort. There are tons of phone calls and emails thanking her for her unique initiative. “People are always looking for healthier options in their meals. I love feedbacks from people, as this helps me improve my service. There has been a very positive response, maybe more than I expected. Some people also say that it has cured some of their skin allergies. I feel happy that people are making such lifestyle changes that benefit the body. Surprisingly, even though we do not offer non-veg dabbas, there are a few hardcore non-vegetarians who opt for the monthly vegetarian meals,” she smiles.

Deshmukh has big plans for the future. She hopes to tie up with various schools and deliver organic dabbas to children. She elaborates, “Honestly, people are skeptical if organic food will be good enough for children. I just think that in order to be healthy one has to start early. I am in talks with various schools, I hope it works out, ” she concludes.

A 10 meal option is priced at R1,999 plus R250 for delivery and a monthly meal plan is priced at R3,999 plusR500 for delivery
One can either log on to or call 9833911263

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