Oriental obsession

Jun 04, 2013, 06:50 IST | Ruchika Kher

When one enters Just Art, it is impossible to fathom that the space was once a grungy garage.

The transformation is unbelievable, and the items on display, a stark contrast from tyres and junked cars. Started by 61-year-old Bomi Patel and his 30-year-old son, Rushad, Just Art is a haven for people with an interest in all things unique.

The interiors of Just Art. Pics/Madeeha Attari

The boutique offers Oriental artifacts and jewellery made in a wide range of semi-precious materials such as Burmese Jadeite, Agate, Mother of Pearl, Lamp Glass and Rose Quartz - all procured from different countries.

“Jade is a passion for me and I have been collecting my own art over the years. One day, I thought about what would I do when I retire. So, I decided to do something that’s my passion. I drifted into Oriental art and later, Oriental jewellery, which is not easily available in the city,” shares Bomi, who worked with Air India for a long time.

Just Art offers online shopping as well and delivers across the country. While there are no delivery charges across Mumbai, delivery to other cities will incur some extra charges.

The Guide’s Top 4 picks
Cornshell pendant (Rs 3,800):

This beautiful light pink and white pendant is made from cornshell, found in New Zealand. The simple yet appealing piece can be teamed up with Indian and Western wear.

Jade bangles (Rs 15,500 and Rs 13,500):
These bangles made from Burmese jadeite are one-of-a-kind and difficult to source nowadays. The unique bangles with carvings are bound to make a fashion statement.

Chinese Agete Urn (Rs 82, 500):
This traditional piece, which was used as an incense burner in the old days, is made from agate, a semi-precious stone from the Orient, mainly China. A sure classic for your living room.

Blue neckpiece (Rs 6,800):
Made of natural agate, this black and blue piece of jewellery will grab eyeballs and is worth every penny. 

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