Oshiwara murder: CCTV grabs poke holes in iftaar claims by teen's father

Jul 29, 2013, 01:34 IST | Shiva Devnath

While father of slain boy said he was on his way to iftaar ceremony when the rival party attacked him, provoking him to strike back, surveillance video shows him with a sword

The murder of a 17-year-old boy in Millat Nagar on Friday evening can create problems for his own father, with CCTV cameras watching over the compound where the fight occurred showing that he was carrying a sword, cops said.

Abdul Haq was killed in the compound of Al Marwah building in Andheri (West), after he, his father Imtiaz Khan and others went to settle scores with a rival group over a redevelopment feud.

Imtiaz is the brother of Ejaz Khan, who was shot dead on December 15 by accused Abrar Khan and three others who wanted to silence him as he was raising his voice against the redevelopment of Millat Nagar.

Imtiaz and his family were not happy with the police probe into his brother’s murder. They claimed Ejaz’s slayers were roaming freely while the cops had not been able to arrest even Abrar. So, they decided to take matters in their own hands.

The Oshiwara cops said that around 7 pm on Friday, Imtiaz and group went to the compound of the opposite party. In the footage of the spot obtained from a surveillance camera, he can be seen with a sword in his hand on the road.

When Imtiaz and his men assailed Abrar’s men Danish Ansari, Salim Nomani, Waqas Khan and one more person, the group attacked them back. In the bloodshed, Abrar’s men were injured but Imtiaz’s son Haq was hit with a sword and he died en route to hospital.

Oshiwara cops have arrested the four men for Haq’s murder, while a case of causing grievous hurt has been filed against Imtiaz though he has not been arrested yet. An officer from the police station said, “The arrested accused have been claiming that Imtiaz got swords and they were without weapons and it was his sword that hit Haq.”

The officer added, “For his part, Imtiaz has stated that he was going for iftaar with his son when the others attacked him. But the CCTV capturing Imtiaz with a sword in his hand before the attack raises suspicion against him.”

The police will carry out an inquiry after Imtiaz’s arrest and look into who initiated the assault. They are also trying to find eyewitnesses to verify facts, as a huge crowd gathered at the police station, with cops trying to maintain law and order. 

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