Other starlets don't know the proper way to strip: Poonam Pandey

Jul 29, 2013, 11:53 IST | A correspondent

As her debut erotic thriller 'Nasha' release draws closer, starlet Poonam Pandey gets in a candid conversation and talks about boldness, family, her role model in acting and more...

Your first Bollywood venture, 'Nasha' will see its release tomorrow...
Yes it is and I am having sleepless nights. My fans are in for a surprise because they are going to see something that they haven't expected from me. They have seen me in bikinis and skimpy clothes, but now they are going to see me in a full fledge acting role with skin show. I am just waiting for their reaction and that's making me nervous.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey

The bold posters of 'Nasha' have already invited ire in cities like Mumbai and Delhi...
I never expected something like this. To be honest, I've seen more vulgar pictures in Mumbai, I don't want to mention names but I don't understand why just me... only my posters have been targetted in that way. It's hurting moreso because this is my debut. And I don't see a point in this happening now as I've already been through so many other controversies. This is hurting me.

It's a well established fact that bold statements, nude poses, stripping and things like these become an instant rage. Is it that your conscious desicion to take up a bold character was nothing else but a short cut to fame?
(Thinks) I've been asked this question many a times. Honestly, it has worked for me. And also I am this kind of person only. I wanted to get there and yes, this was a stepping stone.

What makes Poonam Pandey different from other starlets who are yearning for a quick fame?
They don't know the proper way to strip, they don't know how much to show and how much to hide. You need talent for it.

How does your family react all that you've been doing?
Everyday as I finish work and go home, whenever they come to know that I have done something like this or posted some new picture on twitter, my family gets angry. They know that I will never mend my ways and they are always angry with me. Now the situation is such that they have to accept me the way I am. Neither canthey do anything, nor can I change myself. 

If you weren't an actor or model, you would be...
I always wanted to be an actor. I did idolise so many people in my childhood. And the funny part is that I am not at all like them. I like Madhuri Dixit, Kajol... I used to watch them in childhood and I loved the way they acted and danced. I am not at all like them but I like them.

Your dream role would be...
The kind of character I portray in 'Nasha' was my dream role. The role is totally performance based, I always wanted to do something like this. Not like some 10-20 kisses, a couple of bedroom scenes and we're through. Apart from this, I would like to do variety of roles in different genres. How much can one show after all?

Tell us about the Poonam Pandey that fans don't know of.
There is nothing that fans don't know about me. My heart, my mind, my clothes-all are open. Posting pictures from my bedroom and bathroom on twitter is my favourite full time hobby. Besides I read at times, though I am not much interested in it. Recently I read Revolution 2020, Asura. Most of the time I am reading people's comments on twitter. 

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