"Our sound has a vibe of the Northeast"

Feb 19, 2014, 09:38 IST | The GUIDE Team

Three questions with Abhinandan Mukherjee, drummer for the band Gingerfeet

1. How did you all get together?
We have been friends for a long time, but were playing in separate bands. In August-September 2012, we decided to come together and start our own band, Gingerfeet. We realised that not only are our interests in music, the same but even our mentality, ideas and thought processes all are on the same wavelength.

We were interested in making the same kind of music, and if you listen to our songs, you would see that we sync really well. Each band member has his role to play — like Vedant and Divya come up with the riff works, Logesh and I work on the rhythm section while Abhishek (vocalist) comes up with the tunes.

2. What makes your sound unique?
All of India seems to be dominated by Metal music. We, also, are largely on the international map because of the genre. But the kind of sound that we have, a blend of Funk with Alternative Rock, is something you will probably not find in any
other Indian band. Our sound has a vibe of the Northeast; it’s original and refreshing.

3. What are Gingerfeet’s songs about?
We don’t really get into social-political issues too much, or focus on the adversities that are happening in this region of India. In whatever we write, we always try to look at positive elements in a situation, be it anti-racism, anti-war, or a
personal experience.

Catch the band performing live at the Blue Frog today, 9 pm onwards; entry free

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