Out of the bedroom

Aug 27, 2012, 07:51 IST | Dhara Vora

You don't need a studio to create music. Electronica music act Bandish Projekt's latest contest offers the ideal platform for upcoming music producers to showcase their talent and get featured on an album with a world wide release

This will sound as music to the ears of all those budding music talents, who’ve been creating music with the help of their laptop (which explains the term bedroom producers) but don’t have the backing of a studio. Electronic music act Bandish Projekt that comprises of Mayur Narvekar, has announced a remix challenge for emerging producers that gives them a chance to be featured on Projekt’s next album Correkt Remixed.

For the competition, Narvekar has posted Folk Tronik, a song from his next album along with the individual parts of the song for download. Participants have to remix the track using any genre or style of their choice, where the winning remix will be a part of Bandish Projekt’s next release on the label Folktronik, Sony Music’s concept label. The winner will also get an opportunity to win a Soundcloud Pro account, which is a professional online platform for artistes to showcase their work.

“Electronic music and the concept of bedroom producers has grown quite big for a couple of years now. With this contest, I felt it would be a great platform for this breed of musicians, to bring their talent to the forefront and also the opportunity for an international release,” shares Narvekar. The song is a mix of Electronica blended with a chorus line from the Manganiyar singers from Rajasthan.

Mayur Narvekar of Bandish Projekt

The album consists entirely of remixed tracks of Bandish Projekt’s 2009 album Correkt. Narvekar will be solely judging the competition. When asked about what he intends to look out for in the winning track, he fills us in, “It will have to be their creativity. I will see how they give a new and fresh perspective to the track.” The album is scheduled to release in October this year.

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