Out of money for cab ride, Oz woman calls ambulence to take her home instead!

Jul 11, 2013, 11:45 IST | ANI

The woman became abusive when it drove her to the hospital and not her home. This is not the only case...

Nurses at a Brisbane hospital, who have seen so many weird and wacky complaints come through their emergency ward, have compiled a list of their favourites, it has been revealed.

Amid the many life-threatening cases that have been filed through the emergency department at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, there are also patients with less serious issues that have earned a place in the “''Not Happy Jan''” register.

Named after a nursing staff manager at the hospital, the book began as a way for nurses to share stories about their more humorous patients to debrief during stressful times.

Among their highlights was a woman who turned up to the ED to complain that her husband wouldn’t have sex with her while another asked for help with dry skin on their feet and yet another turned up at 2am wanting treatment for a blister on their toe.

Other bizarre presentations included a patient who asked for an injection to make them want to eat vegetables, and a person who turned up to emergency wanting someone to change her baby’s nappy, the Courier Mail reported.

Nurses also had to help a patient who arrived by ambulance at 2am complaining that they couldn’t sleep, and with a person who took six Valium to get even with the police.

On another occasion, a female turned up to emergency and asked for a pregnancy test, before being asked how pregnant she was and replied “Oh, about 20 minutes”. 

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