Outrage over Hema Malini blaming child's father for car accident

Jul 08, 2015, 19:22 IST | A Correspondent

Hema Malini, who blamed the deceased child's father for the fatal car accident in Dausa, was slammed by Twitterati for her comments and was criticised for not taking the child along to the hospital

Veteran Bollywood actress Hema Malini, who blamed the deceased child's father for the fatal car accident in Dausa, was slammed by Twitterati for her comments and was criticised for not taking the child along to the hospital.

The 66-year-old actor-turned-politician, who is back in Mumbai after getting herself treated, tweeted on Wednesday, "My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. (sic)"

She further added, "How I wish the girl's father had followed the traffic rules - thn this accident could have been averted & the lil one's life safe! (sic)"

Twitter did not spare her for her comments and shot back by saying that had she taken the child along to the hospital, the loss of a life could have been 'averted'.

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Hema Malini blames deceased child's father for car accident
Hema Malini. File pic

This prompted B.K. Gupta, uncle of Shikha Khandelwal, mother of the child who was killed in the accident near Dausa on July 2, to question Hema Malini.

Gupta said: "Why is Hema Malini after almost six days raising this topic, we don't understand. Where was she for all these days? The accident happened on July 2. Why again this issue is being raised?"

He also rebutted Hema's claim that the accident between her speeding Mercedes and the family's car occurred because the girl's father didn't follow traffic rules.

"The car had given indicator and then turned. Our family members were driving correctly," Gupta said.

Gupta said the actress was backtracking from her earlier statement.

"Why is she backtracking, we don't know," he said.

On July 3, she had expressed deep sorrow over the road accident, and said she was deeply pained by the death of innocent children.

Her driver Mahesh Thakur, a resident of Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, was arrested on July 3 on charges on causing death by negligence and overspeeding. He was later released on bail.

Read some of the tweets that reflect the outrage against Hema Malini:

Shilpa Jain @shilpabinod: @dreamgirlhema are you only shameless or even mad. Even if it wasn't your fault humanity sake you could have taken kid to hospital with you

Enayat Ansari @enayat4u: @dreamgirlhema Shameless!! her life would have been saved if you'd have helped her instead of running away from the scene.

Aman Rana @aman03696322: @dreamgirlhema and what u hv done to save her... Just left them on road to die nd went to hospital alone

Pranavarupan @pranavarupan: If you would have taken the injured persons along with you, the loss of life would have been averted.

Anshuman chopra @anshuman_chopra: @dreamgirlhema well its a shame some like you makes such a silly comments If you were senstive enough to help that girl she could have lived

Mrs. Batman @zainity: Blaming father for accident doesn't change the fact that she was not taken to hospital along with you. @dreamgirlhema

Suryanarayan Ganesh @gsurya: @dreamgirlhema how different it would have been if you had taken the lil one along to your plush hospital to treat your minor cuts :(

@dreamgirlhema when u were well enough to walk into the hospital, why did you leave the lil one your car hit to die on the accident spot?

Shehzad Poonawalla @Shehzad_Ind: With this disgusting tweet @dreamgirlhema just lost the prefix of Honourable before MP

Shehla Rashid @Shehla_Rashid: How I wish you'd taken them to Fortis hosp with you, and not left them on the highway with a crushed car, being a *leader* @dreamgirlhema

Urja @urjasodha: @dreamgirlhema may be lil one survived!! I wish you showed more sensitivity and ask to give same VVIP treatment to that family!! Isn't it?

Ashwani Kalkal @AshwKalkal: @dreamgirlhema Kent RO Water Purifiers - Destroys Germs, Bacteria and also Brain Cells

The car which met with an accident with Hema Malini's car. Pic/PTIThe car which met with an accident with Hema Malini's car. Pic/PTI

Reacting to Hema's tweets, the father of the girl who was killed in the mishap, said on Wednesday that instead of blaming him, had the thespian taken his daughter for treatment, she could have been saved. 


"My fault? There is no other way to go on that road. She is a big name but must at least think before speaking. Instead of blaming me, had my little girl been taken to hospital with Hema Malini, she could have been saved," Hanuman Mahajan, the father, told ANI. 

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Hema Malini also posted tweets on Tuesday where she lashed out at the "sensation-hungry media". Here's what she tweeted:

"I'm touched & overwhelmed by the many msgs & calls frm well wishers in India & frm the world over. I thank each one of u frm the bottom of..

"my heart for ur genuine concern & prayers which have helped in my recovery frm the nightmare & trauma I've undergone. Love u all"

"Just going thro ur replies!The accident has shown me how much u ppl love me & care for my welfare. All my years spent in the entertainment.."

"..field has brot so much goodwill, I'm amazed! Thank u all for this love for which I am eternally grateful! U have given me so much strength"

"As for the sensation-hungry media & a few members of the public who had a field day maligning me even when I was helpless &in deep trauma.."

"...who actually & unbelievably stooped to the lowest levels of human decency, I can only say "Shame on u" &"God Bless"!"

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The mishap occurred on July 2 when the actress' Mercedes collided with an Alto car, killing one and leaving the remaining people travelling in the Alto severely injured.

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