Overflowing drain raises stink at Rajawadi hospital

Apr 25, 2013, 06:34 IST | Naveen Nair

Patients, doctors at the BMC-run medical institute are welcomed by overflowing sewage at the entrance, causing major inconvenience

MiD DAY had recently reported about the dismal condition of BMC-run tertiary hospitals that have become breeding grounds for insects and germs due to unhygienic conditions and overflowing sewage.

Overflowing sewage water that has accumulated outside the hospital kitchen may risk the health of many patients who consume the food being served to them; cobbled path

A similar problem came to light at Rajawadi hospital in Ghatkopar that is placing the lives of patients at risk due to the open overflowing sewage inside the peripheral hospital’s premises. Hospital authorities have claimed that despite several complaints to the BMC, the authorities have failed to resolve the issue.

Which is surrounded by sewage water is often used by patients and their relatives to enter the hospital

The open drain causes nuisance to patients and their relatives who have to tread carefully so as to not step in a dirty puddle of sewage water while entering the hospital. The sewage line, which has been overflowing for the past one week, has lead to accumulation of dirty water near the hospital kitchen.

As a result, patients are worried about the food being served to them, which is prepared in the same kitchen. A hospital staffer said, “We have complained about this issue to our senior authorities but the problem continues to make life difficult for us. It is a concern about the hygiene of the hospital, where patients come to get treated.”

Cover-up job
When our reporter visited the hospital we found that the lid of the drain was broken and the board with directions to the X-Ray department had been used to cover the drain. The sewage water also flows on both sides of the path that leads to the OPD building and the casualty wards. Such areas often prove to be excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes and harmful germs that may cause diseases such as jaundice, dengue and malaria.

A senior official at the hospital said on condition of anonymity, “We know the risks of an overflowing drain within the hospital premises. We have complained a couple of times to the local BMC ward office (N-ward) and requested them to solve this issue. BMC personnel had come on Tuesday and cleared up the blockage within the hospital premises but the drain continued to overflow today.”However, BMC officials from the N-Ward informed the hospital that due to a major blockage in the main sewer next to the hospital premises, the drain inside the hospital has been overflowing.

>> “We have written complaint letters to the N-ward office and they tried solving the problem. There is some major blockage in the sewage in this area and the issue is being sorted out. I will contact them again and ask them to speed up the process.” - Dr Vidya Thakur, deputy medical superintendent, Rajawadi hospital

>> “I have not received any complaint regarding this issue at my desk. They might have informed the concerned department but if the issue was not resolved, the authorities could have approached me directly. I will ensure that the blocked sewage is cleared.”- Vijay Kamble, ward officer, N-ward 

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