Pages from the sketchbook of life

Jun 26, 2012, 11:18 IST | Soma Das

While we are caught up in rush hour traffic and the crazy commute, life passes us by.

But it’s a collage of miniscule moments, complete with shadows, random people and chaos, that add up to form the sum of life. Pages from my notebook, the first solo exhibition of paintings by artist Rohini Singh, is an attempt to record the sights, sounds and colours that often get overlooked but leave behind a profound impression.

Panorama by Rohini Singh

The imagery incorporates men, shadows, birds and inanimate objects, forms and colours to portray aspects of life, hope, mystery and death. Through her art, Singh is attempting to delve into aspects of identity, space and the various turning points in her life. Shadows occupy a significant place in her paintings as Singh uses it as a metaphor and emphasises how they are both tangible and intangible at any given moment and are just a matter of perspective.

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