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Feb 09, 2014, 07:36 IST | Anu Prabhakar

Artist Neeraj Goswami's paintings express his innermost thoughts and spiritual journey

Born in Patna and raised in Delhi, artist Neeraj Goswami looks at painting as an outlet to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. This comes as no surprise, considering that Goswami is a hard-core believer of meditation and its various benefits, and is also unabashedly spiritual. “I think everyone is spiritual. I just have the means to express my spirituality on canvas,” the artist points out.

A painting titled Play and Neeraj Goswami at work
A painting titled Play and Neeraj Goswami at work

In what has been described as his first solo exhibition in seven years, a series of paintings by the artist are being exhibited at the Jehangir Art Gallery. The series, which explores the artist’s innermost thoughts, is titled Penetralia, and aptly so, keeping in mind the nature of the paintings. “My paintings are about expressing my spiritual journey towards self-realisation, beyond body and senses,” elaborates the artist.

Neeraj Goswami

“The human figure, on the canvas, becomes a medium to express my emotions,” he adds. The last time the artist exhibited his works at the Jehangir Art Gallery was in the year 2006. Today, he explains the changes he can see in his own art. “Primarily, knowledge has changed,” explains Goswami. “When you mature, you begin to understand abstraction better and you become more aware about the subtle things in life and the mysteries of nature. All my paintings that have a sublime quality and that give me a high have come after deep meditation.

On the canvas, you meditate, start searching your deeper self and create forms. Even a cobbler, while mending a shoe, is meditating on the shoe or else he will not be able do the job properly,” points out Goswami, who has had exhibitions in Delhi and New York.
The artist also points out to the importance of one’s constant evolution with every experience. “You should keep evolving and become more simplified,” he says.

When: Till February 11, 11 am to 7 pm
Where: Jehangir Art Gallery, 161, Kala Ghoda, Fort
Call: 22843989

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