'Painting is not taught with iPads'

May 26, 2014, 09:40 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

Three questions with artist Chandramohan Kulkarni

Q. What is your take on newer artists in the industry?
A. For me, it’s very important to take art seriously. It is all about what is in your mind than what technologies you can use. But as there are many art schools giving attractive career options in the art industry, youngsters are blindly entering without even deciding over their career focus. Yes, it is very important to train yourself with techniques but your devotion towards art makes you an artist. In our times, it was enough to pass the primary stage of your academics to get some work. But now, the artists also need to know how to use necessary software.

Painter Chandramohan Kulkarni with one of his artworks

Q. What do you think about technology overpowering paintings these days?
A. I might be one of the very few artists in the city who are updated with the latest technologies in the industry. I have been making digital paintings for quite some time now. Technology is handy but sadly it’s overpowering the art. I think painting is something that is taught with the hands not with iPad and software. Technology has increased the confusion. Taking a photograph and making a painting through the software is not art. Technology is not the art. Your thought and your hands can create the art on your canvas.

Q. When will your next exhibition be held and what’s the theme?
A. I am planning to exhibit a show of my assumingly absurd work — a series of my thoughts on many social and emotional issues that I have been experiencing over the years. It will also feature some social issues like ‘non-dialogue’ between youngsters and their parents. I am also planning to put some of
my digital artworks on display soon.

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