Pakistan PM visits Ajmer amidst protests

Mar 10, 2013, 05:23 IST | Agencies

Pervez Ashraf visits Ajmer Sharif after lunch with Salman Khurshid as cops arrest 35 for causing unrest

Thirty-five people were arrested for rioting at Ajmer on Saturday. Pakistan PM Raja Pervez Ashraf s visited the 13th century dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.

A curfew-like situation prevailed in the dargah bazaar since afternoon, and most roads were deserted after authorities evacuated the area near the dargah.

Raja Pervez Ashraf
Raja Pervez Ashraf

Four people were arrested from the main gate of the dargah, after they held up the Indian tricolour just when Pakistani officials reached the spot to check security arrangements on Saturday afternoon. The protestors climbed the stairs of the dargah and hoisted the Indian flag in front of the Pakistani officials.

“We arrested 30 Shiv Sainiks and BJP members near the central bus stand when they came out on the road shouting the: 'Go back! Go back, Ashraf!'. They took out a procession on the road and threatened to block the road,” a police official said.

Finding it difficult to contain the protests, the district administration changed the route of the convoy of 11 vehicles. Protestors also put up black flags on their houses, ahead of Ashraf's visit.

Earlier expecting several protests over the visit, extra police forces were called into the city. The dargah bazaar saw heavy deployment of policemen.

People were not allowed to open windows and gates facing the road on which Ashraf would pass. The administration also announced that people should not come out on the road until further instructions were issued. 

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